You voted, we delivered. Rounding up your end-of-year picks from our 7th annual listener poll, SiriusXM’s Underground Garage has some wicked-cool hits for your listening pleasure. Number one? Just the one and only Joat Jett & the Blackhearts with Any Weather — pretty fitting for this ever-changing winter wonderland happening right about now across the nation.

10) “Yo Yo”…The Doughboys
9) “I’m Like Nothing That You’ve Seen”…Mark Lindsay
8) “King Midas”…Stupidity
7) “Rock And Roll Is Dead”…Prima Donna
6) “Ballad Of The Lower East Side”…Michael Monroe Band
5) “Love Like Voodoo”..Soraia
4) “Smart Phone”…The Bayonets
3) “Start Sinning”…John & Brittany
2) “Johnny Sincere”…Deadbeat Poets

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