Eleven seasons in, Two and a Half Men is still getting laughs. But it had quite a dramatic moment there in season 8 during the whole Charlie Sheen departure–dramatic at least for the cast. His co-star, Jon Cryer, recently stopped by the Morning Mash-Up! to talk about everything from working with Ashton Kutcher to the likelihood of a spin-off series. (Hint: It’s not gonna happen.) Here’s why:

“Well, we just keep dropping cast members right and left. There’s just nobody left,” Cryer said. “I was excited about doing a show with Charlie cause he and I had been friends from doing Hot Shots… And for the first six seasons, it was smooth as glass. He just got a divorce. Big deal! And then so did I. But it was going so well. What could possibly go wrong? And then, it did.”

While original Two and a Half Men devotees may say otherwise, Cryer finds that co-star Kutcher has been a great addition to the sitcom.

“It’s been really fun with Ashton,” Cryer said. “He’s a blast. He’s just a total goofball, and it’s weird to see such a handsome guy be a total goofball.”

Whether you are Team Sheen or Team Kutcher, Two and a Half Men’s popularity still has Cryer dealing with the stalkerazzi in sunny California.

“Recently, some of the photographers have come up to me and said, ‘Hey, is it okay if I take pictures of you and your kids?’ And I say, ‘Hey! NO.’ I feel for them, everybody’s got to make a living, I get it, but the kids didn’t sign up for this,” Cryer said.

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