Turkey Day tunes: The best playlists to blast while you baste the bird

Whether you plan on attending a hipster Thanksgiving or are shooting for class in a glass, SiriusXM provides the perfect backdrop for your holiday feast. You’re already waking up at the crack of dawn to gas up the car for the long trip. That, or you’re kitchen-bound trying not to burn – well, everything. Let these stations pick the delicious sound bites.

The Joint‘s Reggae Thanksgiving Playlist

Take the dinner prep stress levels down or raise the spirits gathered around the table with this soundtrack.

Nina Blackwood’s ’80s on 8 Thanksgiving Playlist

Thanksgiving only comes once a year – and lands on a Throwback Thursday! Let Nina Blackwood – the first MTV VJ – do the beat spinning while you try not to forget all the steps to Grandma’s stuffing recipe.

Martha Quinn’s Big ’80s on 8 Thanksgiving Playlist

You are so over the “All About That Baste” parodies, and Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet. Throw it back with Martha Quinn (before you actually throw the turkey out the window).

Bruce Springsteen Thanksgiving Playlist from E Street Radio

If The Boss can’t actually make it to your Thanksgiving shindig, these E Street tracks are the next best thing. (And if Bruce Springsteen is coming to your Turkey Day dinner … can I come?)

Coffee House Thanksgiving Playlist

You just want your nephew to finally admit that you’re cool. This should do the trick.

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