Cab Calloway, Benny Goodman, Bing Crosby … they’re all moving up the dial on May 7. The ‘40s music you know and love from ‘40s on 4 (Ch. 4) is headed to Ch. 73 in the Jazz/Standards category and will be renamed ’40s Junction. But other than that everything is staying exactly the same.

As a little house warming present (or in this case channel warming present) here are the top 10 reasons we’re moving on up.

1) 73 was also a good year for wine. 

2) 73 is the new 4. 

3) The rent is cheaper. 

4) It’s just 4 in dog years. 

5) We’re on the lam.

6) We could fit more musicians on the stage.

7) When Sinatra says move it, you move it. 

8) Boca just isn’t our scene. 

9) It’s closer to the grand kids. 

10) 73’s the perfect temperature.


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