Todd Hollandsworth on Matt Harvey innings limit: ‘This is ridiculous’

It wasn’t a fun Labor Day weekend for Mets’ ace Matt Harvey after his agent Scott Boras said the pitcher is approaching his innings limit for the 2015 season.

The comments led to Harvey facing a storm of fan and media backlash, as the Mets have expected Harvey to continue to play a big role in their pennant chase throughout September and possibly October.

On SiriusXM MLB Network Radio, host Todd Hollandsworth explained how shutting down Harvey could be harmful to the Mets.

“It is an added distraction and it raises an eyebrow,” Hollandsworth said. “This is ridiculous. You can’t get here with a particular set of individuals and just start pulling them away at the end.”

Steve Phillips spoke about what he believes is the real reason Boras wants the Mets to shutdown Harvey.

“It has everything to do with Scott wanting to get the player to free agency, and maximize the dollars in the contract for the player,” said Phillips. “But who also gains a benefit from that? Scott Boras does.”

Bleacher Report Radio was joined by MLB writer Anthony DiComo, who also criticized Boras for his handling of the situation.

“This conversation should have been had months, and months, and months ago so the Mets could have made other plans,” DiComo said. “For the Mets, they’re not going to come out of this happy unless they make the playoffs and have Harvey there.”

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