Pro Basketball Hall of Famer Nate “Tiny” Archibald was one of the most dynamic players of his generation. His 1972-73 season with the Kansas City Kings still stands among the great individual campaigns of all-time; Archibald led the league in points (34) and assists (11.4) while playing 46 minutes per game.

So when Tiny offers his take on where a current NBA player stands among the league’s greatest players, you listen.

There were some guys Sam [Mitchell, SiriusXM NBA Radio host] I never got to play against, [and] I tell people I was lucky when I retired when Jordan came into the league. People say, “Oh, you never played against Michael?” No, because I couldn’t see him jumping over my head! But I look at LeBron as part of all of those guys, and stronger, and bigger. A guy who can rebound, a guy who can pass, a guy who can dominate at half court. … I see a combination of all of those guys, an Oscar, a Magic Johnson, and maybe not a Larry, but a Larry at times, being a point forward. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, I see him a combination of all those guys, but bigger and stronger. I just can’t see anybody right now or back then putting themselves in a category with a LeBron because he does all those things … And you know, Sam, the game is about being consistent. How consistent is LeBron gonna be in the next four or five years? And if he’s the same, to me, and this is my opinion, he will be in a category that would be different than any other player that has played this game so far.

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