If you are still reeling from the fact that Mean Girls recently turned ten, then you’ll tell us to “Shut up” when we tell you that the original quintessential queen bee comedy Clueless will be 19 years old this July. Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Feeling ancient yet?

Also, Alicia Silverstone is now a mom. She’s even written an entire book about it called Kind Mama. And it’s not even her first time playing author – ever heard of The Kind Diet? (I know what you’re thinking, ’90s lovers. Cher Horowitz is a New York Times bestselling author? As if!)

But for real, Silverstone recently stopped by to discuss Kind Mama, but the conversation quickly crept to Clueless, natch. Silverstone discussed Cher’s signature costumes (most of which she unfortunately gave away), ’90s pop culture making a comeback today (Katy Perry is a huge fan of hers), and how people — yes, grandparents too — still approach her about the cult classic.

“I’m so honored that it’s such a cultural phenomenon. I mean, I didn’t know that was gonna happen… I was at a store the other day, shopping for a dress for a party, and I turned around and I was like, ‘WHOA.’ And Clueless was on, and [my character] was shopping [too],” Silverstone said with a laugh. “The guy goes ‘Ohmigod!’ He said, ‘We watch this everyday, and I can’t believe you’re standing here while we’re watching it.’ It was really flattering.”

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