This week on Morning Men with Evan Cohen and Mike Babchik (12/8-12/12)


A lot happens on the Morning Men on Mad Dog Sports Radio, so it’s a good thing that a guy like me takes notes on everything I’ve learned over the course of the week. However, what I learn each week is not what everyone else has learned, making the “What Babchik learned this week” segment on Morning Men not only a fun listen, but also an educational one.


A huge story this week was the announcement of the top 4 in the College Football Playoffs. With the playoff all set, the conversation was all about the committee, and whether they got it right. TCU and Baylor fans were screaming that they got screwed, but the Morning Men explained why the sexy name made it in the end.


Gary Anderson left Wisconsin for Oregon State! That is not joke. Wisconsin grad Evan Cohen wasn’t happy to say the least, and we wanted answers. So we turned to the man of the hour, Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez, and he let us know how it all went down.


Every Wednesday is draft day on Morning Men! In honor of our special guest of the week, reality TV star Stassi Schroeder, we decided to draft … REALITY TV SHOWS! This one was an all-time classic.


This week, Christopher Mad Dog Russo was in San Diego for the MLB Winter Meetings, and we had him on to break down the Cubs signing Jon Lester. That would have been great on its own … but we decided to go to another level. Evan wanted to interview Dog using only dogisms! Score along at home and listen for:

  • Oh really
  • How are ya fal
  • Lil lunch
  • How did you get there? Bouncing around
  • That’s a good out of you
  • And more!

What a week for Morning Men, and I can’t wait until next week! This weekend I will be taking my kid to a birthday party. I cant wait to watch him fight with the other kids while I’m hiding in the corner talking to my bookie on the phone. Let me get the Raiders plus-10 and a piece of cake please!

Babchik OUT!

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