This Amy Schumer interview with Howard Stern got Judd Apatow interested

It sounds like we have Howard Stern to thank for the hilarious and twisted minds of Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow joining forces for Trainwreck.


Apatow told Howard Tuesday about the first time he heard Schumer on Stern’s show, back in October 2011.

“First of all, I’d like to say, ‘Thank you,’ ’cause after listening to the [Howard Stern] show for 32 years, you finally made me some money,” Apatow joked. “I’m in my car….I’m listening to Amy on the show…It was really funny, really heartwarming, really dark humor, and I just parked and sat in the car for an hour listening to her. And in my head, I just thought, ‘These are movies.’…She was riotously funny.”

Listen to a clip from the original interview below!

“What does your dad do for a living?” Howard asked.

“He mostly just sh*ts himself,” Schumer said. “He has MS. He lives in a hospital. But it’s really somehow not sad because he still thinks he’s like gorgeous. Like he’s trying to get me to help him set up a profile.”


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