The Ultimate Fighter 18 Week 4: Modafferi handles loss with grace

Hey all! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about the world of mixed martial arts with all of you. As the producer of SiriusXM Fight Club and TapouT Radio, my life revolves around MMA, and now I have the forum to do some ranting and raving of my own. Now let’s talk some Ultimate Fighter!

I’ve never been a huge fan of TUF because I never felt the stakes were that high. Many of the guys that sign up for the show are already fighting in high profile camps and most of the time, win or lose, they find their way into the UFC anyway. For the show to be a true competition, it has to be a make-or-break moment for the contestants. Up to this point, it never felt that way

Enter the female fighters.

These women have waited so long for this opportunity and have, so far, exceeded all expectations. They are fighting every fight like it may be their last, and that’s something that has lacked in previous seasons. The women realize they now have an opportunity to make it into the big show and nothing will distract them from their goal of competing in the UFC.

Before this season began, many people — including my hosts — thought the TUF house was going to be full of drama, hook-ups, and petty fights. But from day one, these women have carried themselves with class. Fight Club host RJ Clifford loves to say, “Women hate other women,” so the expectation was for the women to tear each other apart inside and outside the octagon. As we’ve seen, that’s only half true. These women are competing for their futures and yet, regardless of what goes down in the octagon, they are 100 percent supportive of one another.

I was so impressed by Roxanne Modafferi’s grace after being TKO’d by Jessica Rakoczy. Modafferi was devastated by her loss but she still found it in her, while recovering on the ground, to call Rakoczy over for a congratulatory hug. The woman that had just defeated her became the woman consoling her in a matter of minutes.

The fact is, when women have a common goal they can overcome anything. As much as each of these women wants to be the last one standing at the end, they also know that being allowed to participate on this show is a huge step for all the female fighters out there. A veteran like Modafferi has to appreciate the struggles she experienced her whole career will not continue for the next generation of female fighters. That’s a win in itself.

These women are making history together, and I promise you the battles they have brought to the octagon thus far have only just begun.

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