SiriusXM Comedy will be covering the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival 7/23 – 7/26. It’s one of the most prestigious comedy festivals with the biggest stars in comedy converging on Montreal to share their talents with their adoring fans. It’s also a well-respected showcase for up-and-coming comedians. To get ready for this year’s festivities, I interviewed past and present performers that have been lucky enough to be invited to the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival.

Tom Papa and Ted Alexandro described their first time at the festival and their introduction into world of comedy.

“The first time I did [the Montreal Comedy Festival], my manager was able to get me a couple of guest spots during the festival. I wasn’t even on the New Faces. So it was kind of a nice way to experience it and kind of get my feet wet. But I did feel like a little bit of an interloper, like I wasn’t on the bill or anything,” Alexandro said.

“That’s the whole beginning of comedy, just showing up when no one asked you to come. At every club, you just want to be around it so you show up,” Papa chimed in. “You got no business being there … And eventually they invite you in and you get to be a part of it.”

Comedian Sam Morril also reminisces about his experiences at the festival.

“Here’s the problem with those Montreal things and this is for those comics out there. You’re at these parties where you have to scream over loud music and you’re drinking. And then you gotta perform the next night. It was crazy. I’d have like twelve beers at night and then the next day I’d be having like hot water with lemon so I’d have my voice back. Trying to Sinatra my voice back to life,” he said.

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