Liquid Metal's Jose Mangin

Consider your typical metal head: Chances are you wouldn’t imagine that they’ve a) got a super-secret contest-winning guacamole recipe or b) studied pharmacology (pause while we imagine handing our prescriptions to a mohawk’d dude wearing a Pantera shirt).

Well, shame on you for stereotyping, because that just goes to show how little you really know about headbangers.

Take Liquid Metal host and ultimate rawker dude José Mangin, for example: Sure, José might have a Pantera tattoo on his hand, and yeah, maybe he introduced Metallica at the Apollo last September. But José also went to Pharmacy grad school at the University of Tennessee and has an award-winning guac recipe.

On top of that, Jose is obsessed with bringing, as he puts it, metal to the masses, and regularly spins staple acts like Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Lamb Of God, Megadeth, Slipknot, Fear Factory, Soulfly, Machine Head, Anthrax, Testament, and more on SiriusXM Liquid Metal.

Want to know a little more about the man behind the metal? Or get the inside scoop on what Jose’s favorite SiriusXM metal tracks are to play? Good — read on, and rock on.

1) José is SiriusXM’s Director of Music Programming and hosts two metal shows: Liquid Metal (good ol’ heavy metal; weekdays 3–9pm ET) and Octane (new hard rock; weekends 9am–3pm ET).

2) José is entering his 14th year as a SiriusXM DJ: We feel tired just reading that.

3) José believes in promoting metal positivity: “I’m not that type of metal dude that’s angry. I’m trying to bring a real positive vibe through metal. That’s what I’ve really tried to push on and off the radio: Love. Making [metal] a more unified community.”

4) Guess what José constantly  — and I mean CONSTANTLY — spins? Oh, right: PANTERA. In José’s own words: “I bleed Pantera blood.” (Plus he’s got TWO Pantera tats — one on his hand, and one on his shoulder.)

5) José’s been throwing the devil horns since he was a very, veryyy young kid: Or, as he claims: “Since I was a baby.” So take comfort, fellow metalheads: Jose’s (probably) been building metal playlists from inside the womb.


6) José’s Top 5 Metallica tracks are as follows: All Nightmare Long, Blackened, Battery, One, and Master of Puppets. Also, RAWK.

7) Can your Pandora metal playlist do THIS? I think not.

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