The Letterman Effect: 15 comics talk about breaking out on ‘Late Show’

As we say goodbye to Late Show with David Letterman, The Bennington Show speaks with 15 comedians who have performed on Late Show about what Dave has meant to comedy and how being on his show affected their careers. Check out the clips below and hear the entire special on Raw Dog Comedy Hits (Ch. 99) Wednesday 5/20 at 8 pm ET, Thursday 5/21 at 5 pm ET, Saturday 5/23 at 6 pm ET and Sunday 5/25 at 1 pm ET.

Bonnie McFarlane

Tommy Johnagin

Joe List

Adam Newman

Chris DiStefano

Vic Henley

Lenny Marcus

Kathleen Madigan

Gary Gulman

Ted Alexandro

Jon Fisch

Paul Morrissey

Jim Norton

Nick Diapolo

Todd Barry


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