The five best moments from Howard Stern’s interview with Ed Sheeran

Pop star Ed Sheeran made his debut appearance on The Howard Stern Show on Monday.

It was bloody fantastic.

Have a look at our five favorite moments from the chat below, and tweet your favorite @SiriusXM and @sternshow. You can also listen to the complete interview with SiriusXM On Demand.

1) This live acoustic performance of Thinking Out Loud

2) Sheeran addressed the rumors about him, a significant other and One Direction

There’s been speculation that Sheeran’s single, Don’t, is about a member of One Direction hooking up with Ellie Goulding, then Sheeran’s lady friend, at a hotel the three were all staying at.

Howard asked Sheeran to clarify:

Howard: That was a pretty upsetting story. The girl was cheating on you – you’re in a hotel, and they say it was with the band One Direction. Is that true? Was it the dude from One Direction?

Sheeran: The papers say a lot of things. I have kept my mouth shut about everything, because if you add any fuel to any fire …

Howard: Give me some fire here. You were dating a girl, and this girl went and visited this dude in the hotel while you were there, like right under your own nose. That’s the story of the song, right?

Sheeran: Yeah […] I just thought it was a bit disrespectful […] I got over it as soon as the song was done. And the song happened pretty soon after.

Howard: Did you confront the guy who did this to you?

Sheeran: Yeah.

Howard: Did you say, “Hey, you’re breaking the bro code?”

Sheeran: Yeah […] It’s a difficult conversation to have […] He was my mate. So I was just a bit like, “Not cool.”

Robin: Are you still mates?

Sheeran: I mean, we haven’t really spoken since then.

3) Refreshing insight on who Sheeran thinks are the good guys in music

When you look at everyone in the industry, the soundest dudes – you look at Dave Grohl, you look at Springsteen – whoever’s been doing it the longest at the top of their game, they’re the nicest ones.

4) Sheeran’s Jägermeister-themed life advice

When you’ve been to an after-party and had a Jäger-bombs, don’t go on a red carpet.

That, when Sheeran was explaining his comments about Miley Cyrus’ affinity for twerking.

5) The impromptu “Who wore it best” that occurred between Ed and JD Harmeyer behind the scenes

Well … who wore it better?

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