The Dean Obeidallah Show: Fareed Zakaria, World Champion Judah Friedlander, Benghazi and more!

I have a really big show Saturday morning! I mean, how often do you get not only CNN’s Fareed Zakaria but also the World Champion himself, Judah Friedlander?! Plus: former U.S. Ambassador and friend of the Clinton’s, Cynthia Schneider on Benghazi and CAIR Maryland’s Zainab Chaudry on fighting anti-Muslim bigotry in Baltimore.

Zakaria will be joining me on my live show Saturday morning to talk his new CNN special airing this Monday, Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq. The special contrasts George W. Bush’s dream for Iraq to what really has become of the nation. The program features a list of notable figures including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, David Petraeus, Bush’s former special advisor Richard Clarke and more.

Judah Friedlander is the World Champion! Way before Donald Trump wore his “Make America Great Again” hat, Friedlander has been donning his World Champion hat. (You have to tune in to find out what Judah’s champion of.) The comedian known for his role as Frank Rossitano on NBC’s 30 Rock and appearances in numerous other films and TV shows, has written a new book, If the Raindrops United. It’ a hilarious book of drawings that Friedlander will describe in great comedic detail on the show.

Was the Benghazi hearing just about politics or truly an investigation? Former U.S. Ambassador Cynthia Schneider, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institute and professor at Georgetown University, will explain the issue of security for an embassy when you are an ambassador and share her view of the terror attack on Benghazi. Plus we will discuss whether the current Benghazi committee is anything more than politics at its worst.

Christians, Jews and Muslims unite versus Hate. Another day and another Republican making anti-Muslim comments. This time it’s Maryland’s Richard Rothschild, a county commissioner, who wrote an article claiming that Islam isn’t compatible with American values. Sadly this message fosters more hate against Muslims, something I have no doubt that Rothschild understands but because it may help him within the GOP, he could care less. But as my guest Zainab Chaudry will share, the silver lining was that an interfaith coalition of Jews, Christians and Muslims stood together this week against Rothschild’s bigotry.

Hope you not only tune in to my show, but join the conversation at 877-974-7487. I want to hear what you think about these issues.

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