The Dean Obeidallah Show: Syrian refugee crisis, political correctness killing comedy and more

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On my show last Saturday, Sarab Al-Jalkli, co-founder of National Alliance for Syria and president of the Network of Arab American Professionals, joined me to talk the human catastrophe that is the Syrian refugee crisis. Syria is world’s single largest refugee crisis in over 25 years, according to the United Nations. Estimates are that between 8 and 10 million Syrians, which is more than the entire population of states like New Jersey and Michigan, have been displaced from their homes since fighting erupted in Syria since 2011. And per the latest United Nations reports, there are now over 4 million Syrian refugees living in neighboring countries.

Al-Jalkli explained that Syrians have been seeing images of dead children, like we saw last week with three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, for years:


Hillary Clinton’s emails matter. Former Bush administration official and Republican strategist Suhail Khan was on to talk Hillary’s email controversy. And callers made it clear that this issue was getting their attention. Some because it made them less trusting of Hillary while for others they were angry at the media ginning up this scandal to get more ratings. Khan shares his view on how Republicans see the Hillary email issue:


Political correctness is killing comedy! Comedians Kerri Louise and Tom Cotter were on to talk the newest SNL cast member Jon Rudnitsky coming under fire for some of his tweets in the past that have been viewed as misogynistic and homophobic. Both Louise and Cotter talked about how political correctness is killing stand up comedy. Do you agree?


Why is Trump speaking at event organized by anti-Muslim groups? On September 9, Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at an event in Washington D.C. organized by three groups that have a history of stoking the flames of hate versus Muslims. One of the leaders of the Muslim community, Edina Lekovic, explained how she was appalled but not surprised that Trump, given his track record of demonizing Latinos, would join up with anti-Muslim hate groups:


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