The cast of HBO’s candid new series Looking recently stopped by to chat with EW Radio host Tim Stack. Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett, and Frankie Alvarez play three best friends living in San Francisco. Looking has been called the “gay version” of HBO’s other iconic series Girls and Sex & the City. However, creators Michael Lannan, Andrew Haigh, and their cast claim that the universal humor is of a different stripe.

“Michael lived in San Francisco for awhile, so all the characters are based on his… sort of experiences there,” Groff said. “And then Andrew had done the movie Weekend, and HBO loved that movie… [The show is] the combo of Michael’s characters and world with sort of Andrew’s kind of vision.”

Frankie Alvarez also took a question from a caller who identifies as gay and watches the show. The caller was curious as to how Alvarez, who himself identifies as straight, is comfortable kissing men on camera.

“I went to college, and I experimented. I’d kissed guys before, so it’s not something that grosses me out,” Alvarez voiced. “But I know for me, that is my goal, is to try to be there 120 percent the way I would if it were a woman.”

The cast also spoke on their experience at the Out 100 Awards where they had a chance encounter with a tardy Mariah Carey.

“We were literally inside a Mariah Carey moment,” Groff joked about Carey arriving 45 minutes late to the cast’s introduction of her at the awards show. “When they told us we were gonna introduce her, I thought it was a joke… It was a dream come true.”

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