Airing Thursday 8/20 at 9 pm ET through Sunday 8/23 on Jam ON

SiriusXM’s Jam ON presents The Bunny, a live, free-form pop-up radio station at Phish’s Magnaball Festival in Watkins Glen, NY. You’ll hear live Phish performances throughout the weekend along with exclusive recordings from the band’s archives and on-site updates from Jam ON’s Ari Fink and Jonathan Schwartz. To Stream SiriusXM Free for 30 Days for both the On Demand content and live show, go to!

Phish LIVE
Hear Phish perform LIVE at Magnaball 2015!
Friday Set 1: 7:30-9 pm ET
Friday Set 2: 10-11:30 pm ET
Saturday Set 1: 3-4:30 pm ET
Saturday Set 2: 7:30-9 pm ET
Saturday Set 3: 10-11:30 pm ET
Sunday Set 1: 7:30-9 pm ET
Sunday Set 2: 10-11:30 pm ET

From The Archives
Exclusive material from the band’s archives, presented by official Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro.
Thursday 9-11 pm ET
Friday 3-5 pm ET
Sunday 3-5 pm ET

Ari Fink & Jonathan Schwartz LIVE from Magnaball
Saturday 12-2 pm ET
Sunday 1:30-3 pm ET

If you want to learn more about the history of Phish festivals dating back to the ’90s, you can head to the SiriusXM App to check out exclusive Jam ON archival Phish content like our Festivalography series, which provides an in-depth look at every Phish festival from the early ’90s onward. You can also find exclusive sessions and performances by members of Phish in the SiriusXM studios by searching “Magnaball” in the new and improved SiriusXM app.

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