The 2014 Grammys are just around the corner (Sunday, Jan. 26 at 8 pm ET), and we here at SiriusXM could not be more ready. We’ve got our blankets all laid out on the couch, a pantry full of snacks, and a full bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans to chew on lest we fall asleep before the show ends. (#ThingsThatHappenAfterAge25)

But before we settle in for the big show, we wanted to pay special homage to a few Grammy-nominated artists who visited SiriusXM this year — like Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, Lorde, and more. We rounded up SiriusXM channel programmers (The Pulse‘s Jim Ryan, The Spectrum‘s Jess Besack, and The Heat‘s Dion Summers, among others) to tell us what they love about their channel’s Grammy artists.


Who: Sara Bareilles
What She’s Nominated For: Album of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance
Why The Pulse Loves Her: “Sara came by The Pulse (when she was releasing her album The Blessed Unrest) to do a song-by-song intro for Pulse listeners. I could tell from that first listen it was a pretty special album! It contains so many personal lyrics that I think really connect with the audience.” — Jim Ryan


Who: Taylor Swift
What She’s Nominated For: Album of the Year, Best Country Album
Why The Highway Loves Her: “If there’s one artist that is an all-around all-star of not just country music but of music in general, it’s Taylor Swift. No wonder so many artists in every genre imaginable sing her praises and harbor a not-so-secret jealousy of her success. She is a true entertainer.” — Al Skop


Who: Daft Punk
What They’re Nominated For: Record of the Year, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Album of the Year, Best Dance/Electronica Album
Why BPM Loves Them: “After taking several years off, the robots came back Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger than ever in 2013. Their groundbreaking album Random Access Memories combines the classic sounds of legendary producers Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder with the unique style of the multi-talented artist/producer Pharell Wiliams. My fingers are crossed that Daft Punk ‘Gets Lucky’ at the Grammys.” — Geronimo


Who: Lorde
What She’s Nominated For: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album
Why The Spectrum Loves Her:
“When we first heard Royals here at The Spectrum, we knew we wanted to get behind it right away. (Fun fact: Lorde’s first-ever U.S. radio appearance was recorded in our studios back in August 2013.) We’re so psyched to have been behind Lorde from the start, and we couldn’t be more excited about her all-around success!”  — Jess Besack

J. Cole visits SiriusXM.

Who: J. Cole
What He’s Nominated For: Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
Why The Heat Loves Him: “Part of what makes J. Cole’s success so special is the fact that he worked hard for it! When his album Born Sinner debuted at number three in its first week, what did J. Cole do? He took his time, and eventually his album sales and radio spins increased. Two weeks later, he would claim that number one spot on The Billboard 200.

A frequent guest and performer in our facility, J. Cole understands that you’ve got to be humble, patient, AND PUT IN THE WORK to build and maintain a successful brand. Truly, J is a new type of hip-hop artist: a humble star who allows his music to speak for him.” — Dion Summers

And there you have it. Now, while you patiently await Sunday night, why don’t you distract yourself with our exclusive SiriusXM Grammys playlist?

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