Can you believe we’ve been enjoying the smart, sometimes strange, always sassy banter on The Morning Jolt since 2009? Larry Flick and Keith Price have chatted with a whole lot of A-listers since then, but in honor of the show’s sixth anniversary, we are throwing it back to the legendary lady who started the spark with her first call-in interview.

Lady Gaga gave Larry and Keith a ring all the way from England at the time her music career truly took off – way back when The Fame was the thing and Mother Monster was opening for The Pussycat Dolls. She told Larry and Keith about playing at sold-out arenas as opposed to dive bars, her love for her fans and how Keith and Larry are shoe-ins to be her onstage go-go dancers at her New York shows. Listen to the full call below!

“I miss you guys! My goodness, I wish I was sitting there with you or making fun of my shoulder pads. Or accusing me of a boob job or something. You guys always have something great,” Gaga joked. “I’m on tour. I’m playing arenas which is quite ridiculous considering I was playing bars that smell like urine a year ago.”

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