The moment Wanda Sykes felt she’d made it

Available on SiriusXM On Demand. She’s been around for two decades, but for much of that time you probably would’ve recognized her face, but not her name. Then in the early 2000s she appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm before landing … Continued


Wanda Sykes: ‘I have to keep telling myself I’m not best friends with Oprah’

Her show “Herlarious” may be airing on The Oprah Winfrey Network, but comedian Wanda Sykes has to remind herself that she is NOT, she repeats NOT best friends with Oprah. “I ask my assistant ‘how come Oprah’s number is not … Continued


What’s On: Wanda Sykes interview, Alexa von Tobel money tips and cold weather skincare

It’s the new year so we’re giving you everything you need to kick it off with confidence! First, comedian Wanda Sykes is talking with Judy Gold about her life, career and new special “Herlarious.” Then Alexa von Tobel is continuing … Continued