Sophia Bush chats Chicago P.D. on Wake Up! with Taylor

Take the guys behind such history-making, no, scratch that, epic hits like Law & Order, NYPD Blue and 2 Fast 2 Furious and what do you get? Just a little (or should we say potentially huge) show like NBC’s new drama, … Continued


Guy Fieri describes ‘awkward’ first day on the Triple-D job

Guy Fieri is an enviable dude. The Diners, Drive-ins and Dives host seems to have it all; he travels around the country to the best food joints, eats like a king, and all he has to do is share his … Continued


Week 15 NFL picks: Wake Up with Taylor vs. Dr. Roto

Point: Dr. Roto. In the third installation of Taylor Strecker from SiriusXM’s Wake up with Taylor‘s NFL picks against SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio host Dr. Roto’s NFL picks, Roto came out on top. The doctor correctly predicted 14 of the … Continued


Week 14 NFL picks: Wake Up with Taylor vs. Dr. Roto

Taylor Strecker from SiriusXM’s Wake up with Taylor flexed her muscles again last week, correctly predicting 11 of the 16 Week 13 NFL match-ups. Her record was good enough for a tie with SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s Dr. Roto, who … Continued


Week 13 NFL picks: Wake Up with Taylor vs. Dr. Roto

Last week, we compared Taylor Strecker’s (Wake up with Taylor) NFL picks with Dr. Roto. Why? Well, Taylor talks a big game – “I’m super-duper talented at this,” she said – and Dr. Roto was in first place in SiriusXM’s Pigskin … Continued


3 Thanksgiving cocktail recipes to give thanks for

It’s Thanksgiving ladies and gentlemen, which means it’s a time for cooking, cobbler, and most importantly – cocktails! We suggest you grab a blender and some glasses, because SiriusXM Star‘s Wake Up! With Taylor is about to shake up some … Continued


Week 12 NFL Picks: Wake Up with Taylor vs. Dr. Roto

Wake up with Taylor’s Taylor Strecker may not know anything about football, but that hasn’t stopped her winning record. “It’s crazy, I’ve made zero dollars off of my… gift, is what I should call it. My football picking gift.” she … Continued


New lab reports suggest Brittany Murphy was poisoned

Four years after actress Brittany Murphy’s surprising death, her father finally got what he’d been fighting the L.A. county coroner’s office for – tissue samples to be tested by an independent lab. And the results are grim. Both Murphy and … Continued


Emile Hirsch on The Motel Life and Bonnie and Clyde

Sean Penn had a profound impact on Emile Hirsch during the time they filmed Into the Wild. How so? Turns out Penn – who directed the flick – challenged Hirsch on a whole other level. “There was certainly lots of … Continued


Michael Polish’s first impression of wife Kate Bosworth: ‘I’m gonna marry that girl’

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish, who met on the set of their movie Big Sur, may be the exception to the rule that all director-actress Hollywood romances are fleeting. The newlyweds stopped by SiriusXM Stars to chat about the challenges the couple … Continued