E-Rock crashes Fox and Friends, gets cake in the face

E-Rock of The Opie & Anthony Show is the man. He reminded the world why Wednesday morning. During the Fox and Friends After the Show Show, Guy Fieri and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy and the rest of the crew were celebrating … Continued


The best of #OandA20: Videos from Unmasked with Opie & Anthony

The beginning, the Boston years, sex for Sam, Jimmy Norton… Opie, Anthony, Jim and Ron Bennington covered all of it in last week’s very special Unmasked, a celebration of 20 years of The Opie & Anthony Show. Here are four … Continued


#OandA20: Photos and tweets from Unmasked with Opie & Anthony

Relive Unmasked with Opie & Anthony through tweets and photos.


Bob Saget tells NSFK (not-suitable-for-kids) Full House story on O&A

If you’ve seen anything from Bob Saget in the last 15 years since Full House ended, you know he’s nothing like G-rated super clean cut dad Danny Tanner. In fact, a comedian since 17 years old, he is first and foremost a … Continued


Iron Sheik throws down on Justin Bieber during O&A interview

Ali Vasari aka Colonel Mustafa aka Great Hossein Arab aka The Iron Sheik showed up on The Opie & Anthony Show to lay the smack down on all things pop culture–including that “punk” Justin Bieber.


Bobby Moynihan knew his 12/12/12 ‘Drunk Uncle’ bit would flop before it started

First, a little background. Bobby Moynihan, the Saturday Night Live actor whose most famous character is “Drunk Uncle,” appeared in character at the 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy relief show at Madison Square Garden. Annnnd he flopped. A short time later, Opie, Anthony and … Continued


#OandA20: Photos of Opie & Anthony through the years

We’re less than two weeks away from SiriusXM’s special Unmasked event in celebration of 20 years of Opie & Anthony. The live event, hosted by Ron Bennington, is scheduled to start at 4 pm ET on April 17 at Caroline’s on … Continued


Opie and Anthony to celebrate 20 years with special ‘Unmasked’ event

Ron “Ronnie B” Bennington joined The Opie & Anthony Show on Friday, and as promised, blew our minds, announcing he will host a special Unmasked event with Opie and Anthony to celebrate the duo’s 20 years together on air. Why … Continued


How to sound smarter in 10 minutes or less

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a lot smarter than you, me, and anybody we know.


Ricky Gervais: There’s a reason the ‘man on the street’ is on the street

Friday on The Opie & Anthony Show, Ricky Gervais and Joe Rogan stopped by to talk with Opie, Anthony and Jim Norton about Twitter, the media and the c-word. Gervais argued to the group that overseas, the c-word is actually … Continued