We’re celebrating 7 Days of Style for New York Fashion Week!

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="32447,32543,32544,32545,32546,32547"] Beginning Thursday 9/4 on SiriusXM Stars in tandem with New York Fashion Week  Hosts, experts and editors are bringing you all the latest trends in clothes, beauty and accessories, along with everything else you need to know about … Continued


It’s Back to School Week on SiriusXM!

Going back to school – whether it’s kindergarten, middle school, or college – although exciting, can also be stressful. But have no fear! SiriusXM is going to help you make it a smooth transition, so get ready to rid yourself of those … Continued


Super Nanny to the rescue! Jo Frost tells parents how to tackle the three types of tantrums

Faster than a five year old can sing through the entire Frozen soundtrack and more powerful than a precious toddler’s pout, “Super Nanny” Jo Frost is a fearless leader for parents. Her former TV show as well as her seven … Continued


The MOMS with Denise & Melissa hits SiriusXM Stars

Airing Mondays at 11 am ET on SiriusXM Stars, Ch. 106 We’ve got breaking news, and it’s mama-rrific! SiriusXM has just added a new show to their SiriusXM Stars lineup: The MOMS with Denise & Melissa. Originally a six-show special … Continued