BPM host Kramer names the EDM DJs he’s thankful for

We were able to pry SiriusXM host Kramer away from the studio to find out what EDM artists he’s thankful for this holiday season. He’s a veritable encyclopedia of EDM, so if you want more suggestions, hit him up on … Continued


Mark Says Hi! says thanks (for stand-up comedy)

SiriusXM Comedy host Mark Says Hi! loves comedy. That’s why he works in our comedy department and not our sports department (although he does love him some Warren Moon. Ask him.) So we wanted to know what comedians he’s thankful … Continued


10 moments baseball fans were thankful for in 2013

Baseball fans have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, as the 2013 season was full of memorable moments. Here are the ten that stick out the most: 10. April 5: Chris Davis hits fourth home run In four games … Continued


Morning Mash Up’s reasons to be thankful

The crew from the SiriusXM Hits 1 Morning Mash Up! are always serving up the latest and greatest in pop music.  So we asked them, “What artists are you thankful for this holiday season?” and this is what they told … Continued


The Joint’s Reggae Thanksgiving playlist

“Give Thanks and Praises” indeed! The Bob Marley song is a lovely reminder that Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey. The Joint’s Thanksgiving playlist will take you through different eras of reggae and makes a fine soundtrack to your holiday meal. … Continued


Nina Blackwood’s ’80s on 8 Thanksgiving playlist

You’ve got the turkey thawing, your sides planned out, and desert is handled. But what to listen to when you’re putting it all together? Finally, someone does some work for you: Original VJ Nina Blackwood put together this playlist to … Continued


Jimmie Johnson’s top songs when you’re on the road

Airing noon ET on Wednesday 11/27 through 6 pm ET on Friday 11/29. Few drivers can keep a cool head on the road better than six-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson, and he’s going to pass his relaxed mindset … Continued


Martha Quinn’s Big ’80s on 8 Thanksgiving playlist

When you’re peeling those potatoes and setting the dinner table this Thanksgiving, you know you’re going to need some brilliant tunes to keep you in the zone. Martha Quinn, and her many fans on Twitter, at your service: the original VJ got … Continued


Alan Hunter’s Big ’80s on 8 Thanksgiving cooking playlist

Would your time toiling with the turkey go easier with one of the original MTV VJs soundtracking your time in the kitchen? Test it for yourself: Alan Hunter, host of SiriusXM’s 80s on 8, has complied a playlist of some cooking … Continued


Bruce Springsteen Thanksgiving playlist from E Street Radio

How many times have you heard — or said — a Bruce Springsteen concert feels like family? Before you sit down for Thanksgiving with your family, here’s something special from ours: a gorgeous, Thanksgiving-ready playlist from E Street Radio. That’s … Continued