Al Roker regrets taking ‘cheap shot’ at de Blasio

Last week on The Opie and Anthony Channel, Al Roker stopper by The Sam Roberts Show because he loves weather. I talked to him about the Olympics, Matt Lauer, Anne Curry, that time he had an accident … and more. … Continued


Why Kevin Hart has 30 million fans on social media

Kevin Hart stopped by The Sam Roberts Show on SiriusXM to talk about being incredibly famous. He’s in the movies Ride Along and About Last Night, he’s friends with Justin Bieber, and apparently he’s incredibly likable. Also he turned his … Continued


Sam Roberts hangs out with Shameless star William H. Macy

The Sam Roberts Show relaunched on The Opie & Anthony Channel this week with the amazing William H Macy in studio. Macy talked to me about the new season of Shameless, how brutal the casting process is, and of course, … Continued


The time DJ Whoo Kid called Kanye West ‘wack’

My pal and sometimes co-host DJ Whoo Kid stopped by After O&A Live with Sam Roberts recently. Whoo Kid has been in hip-hop for 20 years, and every now and then, he has a gem of a story. For instance, … Continued


The Miz: I don’t remember Wrestlemania after concussion

WWE superstar, actor and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio host The Miz stopped by After O&A Live with Sam Roberts recently to explain why people don’t like him … at first. The Miz spoke with me about his ridiculous ego, the … Continued


Celebs & SiriusXM hosts share their zombie apocalypse survival plan

Walking Dead, World War Z, 28 Days Later, Night of the Living Dead, Shawn of the Dead… the list goes on and on of Zombie Apocalypse movies that leave us all pondering one very important question: How will I survive … Continued


Sam Roberts does yoga with Diamond Dallas Page

Pro wrestler-turned-yoga master and life-saver Diamond Dallas Page stopped by The Sam Roberts Show to chat last week. We went over his relationships with Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon, politics in WCW, moving to WWE and getting in to wrestling. … Continued


David Blaine tells Sam how much getting electrified hurts

Tuesday, David Blaine’s special, Real or Magic, premieres on ABC. My old pal David stopped by the After O&A Show to talk to me about showing his tricks to  different celebrities. He also filled me in on stunts gone wrong, … Continued


Sam Roberts’ Figure It Out reunion with Michelle Trachtenberg

Before becoming a professional broadcaster at SiriusXM, he was an under-developed child on a kid’s game show. Before becoming a massive celebrity, she was a smaller celebrity. She did Buffy, Euro Trip, and Gossip Girl. I launched The Sam Roberts … Continued


O&A Clip of the Day: Rashad Evans beats up Jim Norton

We celebrate Monday, 11/11/13, by posting the very first O&A Clip of the Day. Just days before his fight with Chael Sonnen, UFC’s Rashad Evans made a surprise, brief appearance on The Opie and Anthony Show Monday. Rashad couldn’t leave … Continued