Female comics react to the death of Joan Rivers on Raw Dog Comedy Hits

She was just as funny, edgy, smart and quick as anyone. But besides being just a great comic in general, Joan Rivers, was a trail blazer for women in the industry. Reacting to her unexpected passing, female comedians Amy Schumer, … Continued


Joan Rivers responds to Jerry Lewis’ death threat: ‘I don’t want my knees broken over Jerry Lewis!’

Wickedly funny (and somewhat infamous) comedienne Joan Rivers stopped by SiriusXM Raw Dog Comedy to promote her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva, and to talk with Ron Bennington about Kristen Stewart threatening to sue her, her writing process, her … Continued


Wise Guy: Four nuggets of wisdom from Ron Bennington

Coming soon to a motivational poster hanging in a dorm room or cubicle (or, perhaps, Oval Office?) near you… He’s the host of Ron & Fez on Raw Dog Comedy, Ch. 99, weekdays from noon to 3 pm ET. While … Continued


Tracy Morgan talks how comedy changed his life on Unmasked

With shows like Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock under his belt, there’s no doubt that comedian Tracy Morgan is well underway to solidifying his place as a Titan of comedy. Morgan stopped by Raw Dog’s Unmasked with Ron Bennington … Continued


#OandA20: Photos and tweets from Unmasked with Opie & Anthony

Relive Unmasked with Opie & Anthony through tweets and photos.


Opie and Anthony to celebrate 20 years with special ‘Unmasked’ event

Ron “Ronnie B” Bennington joined The Opie & Anthony Show on Friday, and as promised, blew our minds, announcing he will host a special Unmasked event with Opie and Anthony to celebrate the duo’s 20 years together on air. Why … Continued


B.J. Novak’s real and made up celebrity experiences

You already know comedian B.J. Novak from NBC’s The Office and Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, but you probably haven’t been introduced to him as a novelist… yet. Novak stopped by Raw Dog‘s Unmasked with Ron Bennington to add another hyphen … Continued


What’s On: This IS radio Clash, Aziz doesn’t feel the Sting and 3 days of the Colon

The Clash Town Hall Premiers Friday 3 pm ET on 1st Wave Interrupting all programs. This is Radio Clash from pirate satellite… 1st Wave’s Richard Blade moderates an exclusive Town Hall with Mick Jones and Paul Simonon (plus a phone-in … Continued


LISTEN: Jeffrey Tambor’s Favorite Part of “Arrested Development”

As George Bluth Sr. a.k.a Pop Pop on “Arrested Development,” Jeffrey Tambor has delivered some of the show’s best one-liners, from “No touching!” to “There’s always money in the banana stand.” But Tambor’s favorite running gag doesn’t center on George … Continued