Memo to Howard birthday bash attendees: Dress to impress!

If you’ve got tickets to Howard Stern’s birthday bash, you ought to make a trip to the dry cleaners, because those cargo shorts and that Hawaiian shirt aren’t going to cut it. “It’s my birthday, I’ll set the dress code,” … Continued


Ask Howard: What makes Howard mad?

In the seventh episode of Howard TV’s Ask Howard, Doug Goodstein asked the King of All Media to name his biggest pet peeve. Howard wasted no time with his response: “I am completely irritated by people who go out and … Continued


Metallica performs live on the Howard Stern Show

What a 72-hour stretch for Metallica fans. Two days after their epic show at the Apollo Theater, and less than 24 hours after the band played Enter Sandman live in honor of Mariano Rivera at Yankee Stadium, Metallica appeared in … Continued


Episode 2 of ‘Ask Howard:’ Who would play Howard in a movie?

What do Denzel Washington and Richard Pryor have in common? Howard Stern would’ve been OK with either of them playing him in a movie. Howard sat down with Rachel Fine for the second episode of Howard TV’s Ask Howard, and … Continued