Weight gain puts stress on a relationship, according to Dr. Jenn Berman

While it’s NOT okay for a significant other to body shame you over small amounts of weight gain, SiriusXM’s Oprah Radio host Dr. Jenn Berman isn’t so forgiving when it comes to packing on serious pounds in a long-term relationship. To illustrate … Continued


Cocoa Mode’s Shawna Renee has some choice words for women

Despite what the Beyonce videos and glossy magazine headlines may tell you, the modern women is often caught in a sexual identity crisis. We are instructed by media, society and even our loved ones to both be sexual and sexy but not too … Continued


‘You’re limiting yourself,’ warns relationship expert Siggy Flicker to single women

You may have a list a mile long of what you’re looking for in a man. But relationship expert Siggy Flicker warns you should definitely not close yourself off to a man because he doesn’t fit the bill. “Don’t go … Continued


Patti Stanger’s Valentine’s Day advice for single ladies — GO OUT.

Wake Up with Taylor’s very favorite matchmaker came into the studio this week to give all the single ladies a few pointers for making the most out of Valentine’s Day, or as she calls is “hunting day,” which is on … Continued


Dating Boot Camp: The key to nailing your first date

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