Warren Moon: Peyton Manning a top-3 all-time quarterback

You, me, and just about anybody else can say Peyton Manning is one of the NFL’s all-time great quarterbacks, and it won’t mean that much. When legendary quarterback Warren Moon places Manning alongside the likes of John Elway and Joe … Continued


Warren Sapp on Michael Strahan: I love facts, your resume don’t stack

If Warren Sapp and Michael Strahan were once best friends, they’re probably not anymore. The two are currently engaged in a verbal sparring match, stemming from a couple days ago when Sapp suggested Strahan wasn’t on the level of the … Continued


Radio Row: Rob Riggle names his favorite movie roles

How do you go from a conversation about Jeff Daniels’ acting chops to a discussion about LL Bean, Old Navy and Abercrombie & Fitch? Find your way over to Evan & Phillips in the Morning at Radio Row. Actor Rob … Continued


SiriusXM LIVE from Radio Row

This week, we’ll bring you behind the scenes of Radio Row, and give you an all-access pass to Media Day on Tuesday. Follow along all the Super Bowl buzz in our live Radio Row and Media Day chat, starting Tuesday … Continued


Gil Brandt gives Eric LeGrand two tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII

Eric LeGrand, the former Rutgers football player who was left paralyzed from an injury during his college career, joined SiriusXM NFL Radio on Radio Row Monday to talk about his foundation, Team LeGrand. During the interview, LeGrand revealed he is … Continued