Did you know? Rosanne Cash + husband John Leventhal met because of Jim Lauderdale

Singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash and her husband, guitarist and producer John Leventhal, appeared on SiriusXM Outlaw Country‘s The Buddy & Jim Show to talk with Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale. Miller and Jim Lauderdale hosted a special episode of The Buddy & … Continued


How (and why!) Gordon Lightfoot wrote The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on the Steve Earle Show

Legendary Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot joined SiriusXM Outlaw Country host Steve Earle to talk about songwriting The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald from his 1976 album Summertime Dream. The song was written to commemorate the November 10, 1975 sinking of the American Great Lakes freighter the SS Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake … Continued


Norah Jones, Catherine Popper & Sasha Dobson of Puss n Boots talk No Fools, No Fun and covering Wilco

Replays Tuesday 7/15 at 8 pm ET and Thursday 7/17 at 11 pm ET on Outlaw Country, Ch. 60 Puss n Boots, aka musicians Norah Jones, Sasha Dobson, and Catherine Popper, stopped by SiriusXM Outlaw Country to discuss the formation of their … Continued


Old Crow Medicine Show talk the origins of Wagon Wheel + Sweet Amarillo and working with Bob Dylan

Not a lot of artists can say they have a working relationship with Bob Dylan, but Old Crow Medicine Show have a different story. In 2004, they famously reworked Dylan’s Wagon Wheel, a song originally outlined by Dylan and later … Continued


Watch Rodney Crowell & Elizabeth Cook sing Famous Last Words of a Fool in Love

During a recent album release event in Nashville, Rodney Crowell invited Outlaw Country host Elizabeth Cook to perform a lovely rendition of Famous Last Words of a Fool in Love (which can be found on Crowell’s new album, Tarpaper Sky). … Continued


Watch Elizabeth Cook cover the Velvet Underground’s Pale Blue Eyes on Letterman

Outlaw Country favorite Elizabeth Cook took the stage last night on Late Show with David Letterman, where she performed a beautiful rendition of the Velvet Underground’s Pale Blue Eyes (which, FYI, came requested by Dave himself). “This is a lovely … Continued


Roger Daltrey: It was ‘amazing’ to work with terminally ill Dr. Feelgood rocker Wilko Johnson

If you had exactly one year left to live, what would you do? If you’re rocker Wilko Johnson, formerly of pub rock band Dr. Feelgood (and, fun fact, also the mute/mutinous Ser Ilyn Payne on HBO’s Game of Thrones), then … Continued


Happy 81st Birthday, Willie Nelson! Hear the Party Live from Texas

Airing Tuesday, 4/29 at 10 pm ET on Willie’s Roadhouse, Ch. 56 Replaying Saturday, 5/3 at 12 pm ET and Sunday, 5/3 at 7 pm ET There is a great debate about the date of Willie Nelson’s birth. Arriving in … Continued


Farewell, David Letterman! Thanks for supporting Outlaw Country Artists

When David Letterman steps down as host of The Late Show next year, as he announced yesterday, it will be a huge blow to outsider Americana and Outlaw Country artists. An avid listener to the SiriusXM channel, Letterman became enamored … Continued


Hear Johnny Cash: Out Among the Stars in Outlaw Country, hosted with commentary from Cash’s son

Airing Saturday 3/29 at 9 am ET and 5 pm ET on Outlaw Country, Ch. 60 Replaying Sunday 3/30 at 12 pm ET and 9 pm ET If all you know of Johnny Cash’s story is movie Walk the Line, … Continued