Phil Jackson: NBA needs to raise age limit

The NBA needs to make a change to its current age limit, Phil Jackson suggested Wednesday on SiriusXM NBA Radio. According to Jackson, one-and-done college players enter the league without receiving a proper education, and their pro careers suffer as … Continued


We love the ’90s: Grant, Starks remember Bulls-Knicks

Fans know it. Analysts know it. And the players of generations past know it. NBA rivalries aren’t what they used to be. Two of the key players in one of the great NBA rivalries of the 1990s, Horace Grant of … Continued


No MJ, Bird or Magic on Dr. J’s NBA Mount Rushmore

I know what you’re thinking. “Not another NBA Mount Rushmore!” But Dr. J, Julius Erving, had a fresh, new take on the NBA’s all-time greats at All-Star Weekend on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “I’m biased because I made up my mind … Continued


Detlef Schrempf on Seahawks’ 12th man: Sonics had that

How passionate were fans of the Seattle Sonics? According to former three-point marksman Detlef Schrempf, on the same level as the Seattle Seahawks faithful. And because of that, Schrempf said Thursday on SiriusXM NBA Radio, now it’s as obvious ever … Continued


Sway, Spike Lee, Foxxhole and more in New Orleans for NBA All-Star Weekend

LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and the rest of the NBA’s elite head to the Big Easy in the coming days for the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend. Joining King James, Melo and the Durantula? A host of SiriusXM talent, … Continued


Ian Poulter, Michael Jordan and the 2012 Ryder Cup

Michael Jordan owned each NBA court he played on during his hoops career. In 2012, in Medinah, Ill., Ian Poulter made it his job to protect his court – albeit a grass one – from the NBA’s greatest player. Tuesday … Continued


Magic Johnson: Lakers can be back in contention by next season

Magic Johnson has an opinion, and he’s not all that afraid about the reaction his opinion might spark. This season, Johnson’s drawn the ire of Lakers fans and members of the organization for pointing out what, to everybody else, is … Continued


Basketball and Beyond: Celtics’ Brad Stevens on the transition from college to NBA

In a span of 14 years, Brad Stevens has gone from a volunteer administrator in the Butler University men’s basketball program to head coach of the Boston Celtics. In 2007 he was named head coach at Butler and in his … Continued


Former NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady makes pitch for baseball career

Seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady is switching sports. After a professional basketball career that spanned 15 years and included over 18,000 points, McGrady is following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan and trying his hand at baseball. (Jordan famously retired … Continued


Kyrie Irving adamant in denying trade request reports

Following reports that he was privately begging out of Cleveland, Kyrie Irving‘s future with the Cavs seemed as guaranteed as LeBron James‘ with the same franchise the summer of the Decision. Irving addressed those reports this weekend, and according to … Continued