5 things you didn’t know about Nolan Ryan

Earlier this month, Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan stopped by SiriusXM for a Town Hall event, hosted by Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. During the interview, Ryan revealed several bits of information about his career, his love for barbecue and … Continued


Carlos Torres unimpressed by Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig‘s diving catch against the New York Mets was the talk of baseball last week, even prompting praise from the New York Mets Twitter account. (GIF via SB Nation) Puig’s acrobatics failed to charm Mets reliever Carlos Torres, though, … Continued


Guess which MLB Network Radio host was Jered Weaver’s first autograph

Jered Weaver revealed Wednesday on MLB Network Radio that he has a special connection with one of the channel’s hosts. Steve Sax, who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1980s, gave Weaver his first autograph. “I gotta throw … Continued


Jim Duquette: Laz Diaz is a jerk

As an official in a professional sport, it’s never good to see your name in the headlines. Major League Baseball umpire Laz Diaz found himself there Monday night into Tuesday. New York Yankees reliever Shawn Kelley was ejected by Diaz … Continued


Mookie Wilson thinks he would’ve beat Buckner to the bag

When you hear Mookie Wilson or Bill Buckner‘s name, you typically think of one moment in baseball history: But what if Buckner had fielded that ground ball cleanly? Would the Boston Red Sox had gone on to win the game? … Continued


One MLB GM tried to sign Usain Bolt

As a catcher, catching Usain Bolt take a lead off first base out of the corner of your eye wouldn’t be the most pleasant sight. Jim Bowden revealed this week on MLB Network Radio that he attempted to make that idea … Continued


MLB Network Radio reacts to Michael Pineda’s pine tar suspension

Major League Baseball has spoken: Yankees starting pitcher Michael Pineda was suspended 10 games for using a foreign substance in Wednesday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees righty was ejected in the second inning after Red Sox manager John … Continued


Bowden: Carlos Gomez an ‘MVP-caliber player’

Carlos Gomez‘s hot start for the Milwaukee Brewers isn’t an anomaly, says MLB Network Radio’s Jim Bowden. How much so? Expect Gomez to build on his 2013 campaign and emerge as an MVP candidate in the National League. “After Trout … Continued


Charlie Blackmon: Success not tied to ‘Coors Field effect’

One of the more popular waiver wire additions through the first two weeks of the fantasy baseball season has been Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon. As of April 10th, Blackmon is batting .471 with one home run, eight runs batted in and a 1.178 OPS. … Continued


Joe Nathan: I’ve been pitching through dead arm

Joe Nathan‘s Detroit Tigers career hasn’t started out all that smoothly, as the team’s new veteran closer has surrendered two runs, along with three hits and two walks, in his first two outings of the season. Monday on Mad Dog … Continued