20 reasons we cannot wait to see the Howard Stern Birthday Bash video

We’ve all heard it. We’ve all read about it. Now, the King of All Media announced Monday on The Howard Stern Show, we can see it: The video of the greatest four hours of radio in history, Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash, will … Continued


Judge JD rules: Fred the Elephant Boy to attend Howard Stern Birthday Bash

The verdict is in: Fred the Elephant Boy is going to be in attendance at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. Judge JD Harmeyer made the ruling Tuesday on the Howard Stern Show, choosing Fred over fellow wack packers Bobo, Ham … Continued


Memo to Howard birthday bash attendees: Dress to impress!

If you’ve got tickets to Howard Stern’s birthday bash, you ought to make a trip to the dry cleaners, because those cargo shorts and that Hawaiian shirt aren’t going to cut it. “It’s my birthday, I’ll set the dress code,” … Continued


JD for New York City mayor

JD Harmeyer has a campaign ad on YouTube. He’s running for mayor of New York City, and he might have our vote. Some of JD’s campaign slogans: “Are you ready for a change? It’s time to say, ‘Hello to Harmeyer.’” … Continued


‘Ask Howard’ debuts on Howard TV

Howard TV debuted a new show this weekend called Ask Howard. In the interactive interview show, Howard Stern Show staff members get to turn the tables and ask Howard the questions. According to Howard, the feature came about because he … Continued