Jimmy Kimmel’s heartfelt poem to Howard

Jimmy Kimmel appeared on The Howard Stern Show Monday with a little surprise for Howard and Ronnie Mund. Kimmel, who hosted the Howard Stern Birthday Bash in January, revealed that he wrote a poem for Howard that he intended to … Continued


If Sour Shoes hosted The Late Show

At the moment, the Bovada Sportsbook is giving Howard Stern 25/1 odds to replace David Letterman as the host of The Late Show. Stephen Colbert is No. 1 at 5/2, followed by Conan O’Brien (5/1) and Jon Stewart (11/2). Conspicuously absent … Continued


Make the perfect Stern Show call

Joe Howes, a part-time actor and Howard Stern Show fan, spoke with Howard 100 News reporter Lisa G about making the perfect call to the show. Howes had three tips for prospective callers: Have a solid phone connection Be interesting … Continued


Sour Shoes debuts new Stern staff impression

Gary Dell’Abate. Jackie Martling. Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. Lady Gaga. And now Ronnie Mund. Stern Show wack packer Sour Shoes unveiled his newest impression Wednesday to Howard 100 News. And, as every Sour Shoes fan might expect, it is dynamite. … Continued


Howard Stern Birthday Bash: Coverage from Howard 100 News

A glimpse at what Howard 100 News is covering Friday night at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. After months of anticipation, the day has arrived, and listeners are in for a huge treat, as the Howard Stern Birthday Bash gets … Continued


Shuli delivers the news: Wack packers going to Birthday Bash

Last week, Judge JD delivered bad news to some superfans of the Howard Stern Show when Bobo, Ham Hands Bill and other wack packers were passed over for a ticket to the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. (Fred the Elephant Boy … Continued


Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo, Howard Stern take sides: A-Rod or Yankees?

#TeamARod or #TeamYankees? Howard Stern and Chris Russo took sides earlier this week, with Howard aligning with the infielder, and Russo siding with baseball. “Honor the contract, New York Yankees,” Howard said on the Howard Stern Show. “That’s gotta be … Continued


Judge JD rules: Fred the Elephant Boy to attend Howard Stern Birthday Bash

The verdict is in: Fred the Elephant Boy is going to be in attendance at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. Judge JD Harmeyer made the ruling Tuesday on the Howard Stern Show, choosing Fred over fellow wack packers Bobo, Ham … Continued


Memo to Howard birthday bash attendees: Dress to impress!

If you’ve got tickets to Howard Stern’s birthday bash, you ought to make a trip to the dry cleaners, because those cargo shorts and that Hawaiian shirt aren’t going to cut it. “It’s my birthday, I’ll set the dress code,” … Continued


Gary meets with Jimmy Kimmel ahead of Birthday Bash

The Oscars. That’s how Jimmy Kimmel is treating Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash. Gary Dell’Abate, the executive producer of The Howard Stern Show, met with Kimmel last week to discuss planning for the bash, which takes place Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, at … Continued