Dog bites: Russo takes on everyone involved with Donald Sterling

There’s a reason they call Chris Russo, “Mad Dog.” In Dog Bites, we highlight and breakdown his greatest on-air moments. In this edition of Dog Bites, Mad Dog takes to the airwaves following news that Clippers owner Donald Sterling is banned from … Continued


Basketball and Beyond: Coach K compares Shabazz Napier to Chris Paul

When Mike Krzyzewski watched Monday night’s national championship game, one player stood out. No surprise, it was the same player who earned Most Outstanding Player honors for the NCAA tournament: Shabazz Napier. The senior point guard scored 22 points in … Continued


Bucher: Intimidation a factor in NBA flopping epidemic

Tuesday, Bleacher Report NBA national columnist Ric Bucher penned a column on the flopping epidemic in the NBA. He appeared on SiriusXM NBA Radio Wednesday to talk about the column, and criticized the way the NBA has handled the issue. “They’re … Continued