Barry Zito speaks for first time since September

Nobody in the sports world has heard much of anything from Barry Zito since last September. That’s when Zito, a three-time All-Star, the 2002 American League Cy Young and a World Series champion, decided to take a leave of absence … Continued


Success Without Stress: Tom North and Hugh Jackman talk TM

This week on SiriusXM Indie, Success Without Stress host Bob Roth talks with Tom North, author of True North – The Shocking Truth About “Yours, Mine and Ours,” and Hollywood and Broadway star Hugh Jackman about Transcendental Meditation (TM), a form of mantra … Continued


Lena Dunham on changing the world, staying grounded through meditation

Premiering Friday 5/30 at 7 pm ET on Indie, Ch. 104 Bob Roth is the the Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, where he has helped direct the introduction of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program to over 500,000 at-risk … Continued


Does David Lynch hold the secret to success for public education?

David Lynch, director of Twin Peaks, Mulholland Dr., Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and other surrealist films, is not the person you’d expect to have such a strong opinion on how we can improve the American educational system, but in fact, … Continued


Success without Stress: David Lynch + Bob Roth explain Transcendental Meditation

Airing Wednesday 2/5 at 7 pm ET on Indie Replaying Friday 2/7 at 8 pm, Saturday 2/8 at 11 am, and Sunday 2/9 at 5 pm ET This week on Success without Stress, host Bob Roth, the Executive Director of the … Continued


Success Without Stress: Bob Roth talks to Ringo Starr about the Beatles’ first meditation experiences

Airing Wednesday, January 29 at 7 pm ET on Indie, Ch. 104 Whether you were following along with the Beatles in the 1960s through their various phases of self-discovery and experimentation, or you have become a fan and follower of … Continued


This Week On Demand: Mad Dog’s Deep-Freeze, Bob Roth & Jerry Seinfeld

Super Bowl XLVIII is just weeks away, hosted in the New York metropolitan area for the first time in 52 years. Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo of Mad Dog Sports Radio will be celebrating the occasion with a very special documentary … Continued


Jerry Seinfeld on ‘Night Guy’ vs. ‘Morning Guy’

We can relate. On the premiere episode of Success without Stress, Bob Roth sat down with all-time comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The episode, which airs for the first time at 7 pm ET on SiriusXM Indie on Wednesday, Jan. 22, featured … Continued


Jerry Seinfeld, David Lynch to sit down for Bob Roth’s ‘Success without Stress’

David Lynch Foundation Executive Director Bob Roth is set to launch a new series, Success without Stress, on SiriusXM. The series, set for a six-week run, will showcase the power and principles of Transcendental Meditation. Throughout the series, listeners can … Continued