Celebrate Black Music Month on The Heat, Heart & Soul, Soul Town, SiriusXM Fly + more

SiriusXM celebrates Black Music Month all through June with tons of programming featuring the best in hip-hop, soul, gospel, classic hip-hop, r&b, funk, reggae, and more. See what’s in store below! Heart & Soul, Ch. 48 Off the Record: A … Continued


Celebrate The Notorious B.I.G.’s birthday with Backspin

Biggie’s Born Day Celebration airs all day Wednesday 5/21 on Backspin, Ch. 46 As part of Hip-Hop Appreciation Week, SiriusXM’s own classic hip-hop channel, Backspin, will observe The Notorious B.I.G.’s birthday all day (Wednesday 5/21) in a segment called Biggie’s Born … Continued


2 major reasons why hip-hop is important, according to KRS-One

In honor of Hip-Hop Appreciation Month, KRS-One (formerly of Boogie Down Productions) is here to school us on why hip-hop is important. I mean, we’re sure you never doubted hip-hop’s importance and/or place in music history, but it really helps to … Continued


Hip-Hop 101: KRS-One names 3 essential albums for the hip-hop newbie in your life

Let’s say you had a friend who’d literally never listened to hip-hop. Sure, that’s basically impossible, but say they existed. Maybe they’ve been living on Mars for their entire lives. What would you instruct them to listen to first? Backspin‘s … Continued


Get the Backspin back story on classic hip-hop duo Mobb Deep

Airing Tuesday 4/1 at 6 pm ET on Backspin, Ch. 46 Replaying Thursday 4/3 at 8 pm ET, Saturday 4/5 at 4 pm ET, and Sunday 4/6 at 1 pm ET Classic hip-hop duo Mobb Deep have been performing together … Continued


Classic Hip-Hop collective Bone Thugs-N-Harmony take over Backspin on Tuesday, Feb. 18

Airing Tuesday 2/18 at 2 pm ET on Backspin, Ch. 46 Replaying Tuesday 2/18 at 2 pm ET, Thursday 2/20 at 9 pm ET, Saturday 2/22 at 4 pm ET, and Sunday 2/23 at 8 pm ET Classic ’90s hip-hop … Continued


What’s On: CHVRCHES private performance for SiriusXM listeners

Recap Monday night football with Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller then get your daily metal fix with Jack Osbourne, who takes over dad’s channel, Ozzy’s Boneyard. If that’s not your speed, hang in there to hear CHVRCHES’ private performance at … Continued


Bun B: “You need that high skill level to stay in the game.”

How does the hip-hop music scene nowadays compare to back in the day? According to Bun B, quite a lot has changed over time. The legendary member of UGK recently stopped by The Ed Lover Show on Backspin to discuss … Continued


Bone Thugs-n-Harmony on SiriusXM Backspin

The legendary Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony stopped by the SiriusXM studio for an exclusive Q&A and performance with Backspin host, Ed Lover and an audience of super-fans. The group performed some of their hits including 1st of Tha Month and Grammy-award winning Crossroads. … Continued


Celebs & SiriusXM hosts share their zombie apocalypse survival plan

Walking Dead, World War Z, 28 Days Later, Night of the Living Dead, Shawn of the Dead… the list goes on and on of Zombie Apocalypse movies that leave us all pondering one very important question: How will I survive … Continued