This Week On Demand: Celebrate Labor Day Our Exclusive Summer Road Trip Playlists

Ring out the end of Summer 2014 with a selection of hand-picked Summer Road Trip Playlists from some of SiriuisXM’s expert music programmers. From feel-good summertime classics of the 60s, to the hottest country hits of today, we’ve got the perfect … Continued


Road Trip Playlist: The Saturday Drive on 60s on 6

Honestly, is there any better decade to soundtrack summer than the ’60s? (Well, technically the end of summer, but whatever.) Just picture driving in a convertible with the top down and the wind flowing through your hair while Fun Fun … Continued


Road trip playlists from Utopia, The Highway, 60s on 6 + more

The unofficial end to summer 2014 is here! No matter what you’re doing this weekend, whether it’s BBQ-ing, taking one last dip in the ocean, or road trippin’, we’ve got the perfect accompaniment to any of your activities — especially … Continued


Road trippin’ across America: 14 playlists from SiriusXM

Hit the road Jack, and dontcha come back until you’ve cruised across America to every single one of these epic playlists. Kidding! You could honestly listen to them anytime, anywhere. But, they were crafted by SiriusXM’s experts with the open … Continued


Dallas –> Memphis: 60s on 6 playlist from Cousin Brucie

Whenever anyone gets into a car with Cousin Brucie, he turns the radio up loud. And if they ask him to turn it down, he says, “NO! Would you like to walk or take the bus?” The 60s on 6 … Continued


’60s on 6: Sixties Satellite Survey June 1968 (6/28/14)

1968 was a pretty wild year, and ’60s on 6 is taking you back! In ’68, the world dealt with the loss of Robert Kennedy, Andy Warhol, and Martin Luther King Jr, but on a happier note, the year was … Continued


Cousin Brucie’s Second Annual Palisades Park Reunion on 60s on 6!

Airing Saturday 6/21 at 7-10 pm ET on 60s on 6, Ch. 6  Palisades Park may have closed on 1971, but the music and memories live on. SiriusXM’s very own Cousin Brucie will be dusting off his leopard print suit to host a reunion … Continued


Sounds of Summer: All the music you’ll ever need for Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! What’chu got planned for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday? Maybe a little early beach trip? (Careful, the water’s gonna be COLD.) Maybe a BBQ? Maybe a day on the couch clutching your iPad while everyone else is off to the … Continued


One word says it all: The greatest ’60s pop songs with one-word titles

At SiriusXM, we spend a lot of time perusing playlists, scrolling through endless song titles and obsessing over our favorite artists. Sometimes we even notice patterns — kinda like playing records backwards with the hope of unearthing hidden phrases. (Not … Continued


Feed your head: SiriusXM soundtracks Mad Men

It’s back, and in its final season. AMC’s Mad Men premiered Sunday night, leading the way into 1969, one of the most tumultuous years of the 1960s in culture, politics and social change. And the music, more than perhaps any other … Continued