Super Nanny to the rescue! Jo Frost tells parents how to tackle the three types of tantrums

Faster than a five year old can sing through the entire Frozen soundtrack and more powerful than a precious toddler’s pout, “Super Nanny” Jo Frost is a fearless leader for parents. Her former TV show as well as her seven books have equipped many parents with the ability to fight crimes of stolen hours of sleep or refusal to finish veggies. Frost recently stopped by to talk with The MOMS Denise and Melissa about identifying and tackling the three types of tantrums.

“Three types: a mock tantrum, a situational tantrum, and emotional meltdown,” Frost recited. “No one is beatin’ up on parents. Everyone is trying to do the best that they can, but recognize that when you see your child behaving a certain way, you’re the only person that they’re gonna look up to.”

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