Current and former NFL coaches and players, analysts, prominent sports figures, celebrities and SiriusXM hosts make their predictions for Super Bowl XLIX. Check back often, as we’ll add predictions all week.

Sidnew Rice, former NFL wide receiver

I’m definitely rooting for the Hawks, but it’s gonna be a great game. … Hawks, 31-28.

Derrick Mason, former NFL wide receiver

I’m picking New England to win this game in a very close one for this reason: They have a much improved defense than they did last year.

Frank Caliendo, comedian

They’re both villains, right? … I’m gonna go Patriots.

Brad Hopkins, former NFL tackle, host on SiriusXM NFL Radio

I think the advantage goes to Seattle just because defensively, we’re not speaking about New England’s defense like we do about Seattle’s defense. … 24-19, Seattle.

John Daly, PGA TOUR golfer, host on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio

I just think New England’s got the edge. … I just think New England with Gronk, and the way they’re running the football, and their defense played exceptionally well. … Teams have found a way to run on Seattle, they really have.

Jim Miller, host on SiriusXM NFL Radio

I see a very close game, I see it 27-24, New England Patriots get the victory.

Artie Lange, comedian

I think the Patriots are gonna win the Super Bowl. No matter how much air is in the balls, they’re gonna win. Their offense is clicking, and Belichick I think is now laser-focused on winning.

Jo Koy, comedian

Guess who I got picked for the Super Bowl: Seattle Seahawks, by 14 points, 38-24.

Wayne Larrivee, Green Bay Packers play-by-play voice

My tendency would be to say Seattle. I think they’ve been the best team in the league … but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Patriots won that game.

Claire B. Lang, host on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio

I’m from Green Bay, Wisc. — our high school played home games at Lambeau Field — so, as a true Green Bay Cheesehead, I have no vested interest in the Super Bowl outcome this year. Alas, yes, I’m expecting the crafty Seahawks will figure out a way to win the Bowl – and will do whatever they need to do and pull out a bluff or two to beat the Patriots. I expect the game to be extremely close and the Patriots will fuel the game with their frustration over football deflation headlines. The Patriots will not be distracted, but in the end Seattle takes it.

Michelle Beadle, TV personality

[The Patriots] are like the beautiful girl, where everything breaks their way and nothing horrible happens to them.

Mike Babchik, host Mad Dog Sports Radio

The Patriots win the game 42 to 14! After the Super Bowl win I will be able to say the victory is tainted and hold Deflategate over my buddy Evan Cohen’s head for the rest of time. Every time he brings up the Super Bowl champions, I’ll be able to let the air out of his point and for him, it will be so deflating!

Predictions from followers of @SiriusXMNFL on Twitter:

And a few more, without commentary:

  • Barry Sanders, Pro Football Hall of Famer: Patriots 35, Seahawks 34
  • Stephen A. Smith, host on Mad Dog Sports Radio: Seahawks 26, Patriots 22
  • Rich Gannon, former NFL quarterback and host on SiriusXM NFL Radio: Patriots 27, Seahawks 24
  • Idina Menzel, performing artist: Seahawks
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR driver: Patriots win in a low-scoring game
  • LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles running back: Seahawks
  • Calais Campbell, Arizona Cardinals defensive end: Patriots
  • Dave Wannstedt, former NFL coach: Patriots
  • Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos wide receiver: Patriots
  • Greg Jennings, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver: Seahawks
  • Tony Gonzalez, former NFL tight end: Seahawks
  • Warren Sapp, Pro Football Hall of Famer: Seahawks
  • Steve Mariucci, former NFL head coach: Seahawks
  • Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers linebacker: Seahawks
  • Andre Reed, Pro Football Hall of Famer: Seahawks
  • Mohamed Sanu, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver: Patriots
  • Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver: Seahawks
  • Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans tight end: Seahawks 35, Patriots 21
  • T.J. Ward, Denver Broncos safety: Patriots
  • LaDainian Tomlinson, former NFL running back: Seahawks
  • Curtis Martin, Pro Football Hall of Famer: Patriots 35, Seahawks 24
  • Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins quarterback: Seahawks
  • Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers tight end: Patriots
  • Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers running back: Patriots
  • Ray Lucas, former NFL quarterback: Patriots 24, Seahawks 21
  • Jack Roush, Owner of Roush Fenway Racing: Seahawks
  • Tom Byrne, host on Mad Dog Sports Radio: Seahawks 24, Patriots 23
  • Dave Moody, host on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio: Patriots 27, Seahawks 24 (if they get to use their own balls)
  • Chris Childers, host on SiriusXM College Sports Nation: Seahawks 24, Patriots 21
  • Mateen Cleaves, former NBA player and host on SiriusXM College Sports Nation: Seahawks 21, Patriots 17
  • Adam Schein, host on Mad Dog Sports Radio: Patriots 31, Seahawks 27
  • Nick Kostos, Executive Producer, Schein on Sports: Patriots 24, Seahawks 16
  • Jared Moore, Associate Producer, Schein on Sports: Seahawks 28, Patriots 20
  • Jeff Rickard, host on SiriusXM College Sports Nation: Patriots 29, Seahawks 21

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