Steve Smith is no longer a member of the Carolina Panthers. Wednesday morning, the 13-year veteran wide receiver was cut by the only NFL team for which he’s played.

With his new free agent status in hand, Smith joined Taylor Zarzour on Bleacher Report Radio to talk about the transaction.

First, he described his initial reaction to being cut, and how he and his family are taking the news.

Smith then thanked the Panthers organization – noticeably holding back gratitude towards an unnamed few – and looked toward the future with a new team, several of which he says have already been in contact.

I am no longer a No. 1 wide receiver and I know that, and I’ve been knowing that, and I don’t have a problem with that. I will adjust to whatever team and whatever role that I have. I think the only thing I’d like to know is what that role is, and what that expectation is, so I can exceed that.

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