In hindsight, maybe the butt fumble wasn’t all the bad:

New York Jets fans are bummed out, and with substantial reason: The team is now 1-7, riding a seven-game losing streak after a 43-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. In that loss, two Jets quarterbacks combined for six turnovers; Geno Smith threw three interceptions on three consecutive drives to get yanked in the first quarter, and his replacement, Michael Vick, fumbled the ball four times, losing two of those fumbles to the opposition, and threw a pick of his own in three-plus quarters of relief.

What can you say about a team that has fallen so far since appearing in back-to-back AFC Championships in 2009 and 2010, their first two seasons under head coach Rex Ryan? Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Stephen A. Smith and SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Rich Gannon took their shots in separate monologues Monday. We’ve assembled some of the highlights; for the full audio, scroll below.

Smith: I want to apologize to my listeners out there for my limited vocabulary. Because you see ladies and gentlemen, during that first segment of the show, I sat there and said that Jay Cutler sucks, and that the Chicago Bears stink. But obviously if I’m going to say that about them, wouldn’t I need to come up with something considerably worse to describe the New York Jets? I’m just not capable of that right now. My vocabulary is not that extensive. Abysmal. Putrid. Pathetic. Sorry. Garbage. Things of that nature come to mind.

Gannon: Percy Harvin is the 17th different wide receiver to have a spot on the 53-man roster since the start of last season. Let me say that again. Seventeen different wide receivers. Now, you pair 17 different wide receivers with a neophyte quarterback! A guy that’s never done it!

Smith: It’s over for Geno Smith. Let me be very very clear about that. As an NFL quarterback, I’m not willing to say. But being a native New Yorker, I know New York. And I am telling y’all right now: New York will never forgive Geno Smith. When you are that awful, three interceptions in the first quarter, and you have to get pulled like he did, it’s a wrap. Geno Smith is done.

Smith: [Geno Smith] made Mark Sanchez look like Joe Montana. I’m talking about Mark Sanchez who introduced us to the butt fumble. And by the way, Michael Vick wasn’t much damn better.

Gannon: Dee Milliner‘s not the answer [at cornerback], he’s on IR. Kyle Wilson isn’t the answer. You’ve got Antonio Allen who’s playing out of position. He’s a safety, playing corner, he’s playing scared, he plays 10-to-12 yards off. And then you’ve got Darrin Walls on the other side, Phillip Adams. This is not good.

Smith: You can’t even get Fireman Ed to come to the Jets games. Fireman Ed. The unofficial mascot of the New York Jets for decades wants no part of the Jets or their fan base, by the way. Because people don’t know how to act, and he doesn’t want to hurt anybody, and if you ever met Fireman Ed, you know he’s telling the truth, because that’s a big boy, and he can hurt you.

Gannon: I ask John Idzik, hey John, what are you doing to help out Rex to get him some corners? What are you doing to help out the offensive coordinator to get him a quarterback that can line up and make good decisions? We knew last year that Geno Smith wasn’t the answer, we know this year. And then you go out and get Michael Vick? Am I getting this straight? Michael Vick is there to help Geno Smith to teach him how to prepare for games? Michael Vick just said after the San Diego game he wasn’t really ready to play! How do those words come out of the mouth of a 34-year-old 13-year NFL veteran?

Gannon: You wanna know why that team has lost seven straight? … Somebody, John Idzik and his group, have decided this is the best way to go. These are the players that give us the best chance to win. They should all be fired.

Can the Jets bounce back against the Chiefs? Listen on SiriusXM.

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