Star Jones tells Randi Zuckerberg who she doesn’t waste her time with

Attorney, television personality, and the president of The National Association of Professional Women, Star Jones, stopped by Randi Zuckerberg’s new SiriusXM Business Radio show, Dot Complicated, to talk about how she, as a public figure, deals with the nasty side of social media.

While Randi does see many positives that come with more diverse voices through social media, it does mean we are sometimes faced with those close to us posting uncomfortable opinions we may not agree with or that rub us the wrong way. So what does Star do in such situations?

“I have to first figure out how I can use it. If I can use it, as the president likes to say, as a teaching moment, then I go for it … If you’re making a statement that foundationally is incorrect, I can use your stupidity as a teaching moment for other people. And then I know how to go in on you, trust me on that,” she says. “But if you’re just saying nasty things about me, I always remember something so silly, but it sticks in my head. If I have more beige purses than you have followers, I don’t need to respond.”
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