So Hulk Hogan tried to play bass for both Metallica and the Rolling Stones

Prior to his pro wrestling career, Hulk Hogan slapped a little bass, he confirmed this week on The Opie & Anthony Show.

So how confident was Hulk in his bass-playing acumen, brother? He tried to join both The Rolling Stones and Metallica.

I heard they [Metallica] needed a bass player, and I was coming off a roll from not hearing back from the Rolling Stones … [There was an event] in England, it was a comedy show. So i was presenting with Jerry Hall [Mick Jagger’s ex]. And i was like, “Hey, I heard your old man needs a bass player. I played for 10 years, I was pretty good locally, back in the day.” So i gave her my name and number, and she hit me up for merchandise. And I said, “I’m gonna get a chance here.” So I sent all the WWE merchandise to Jerry Hall and stuff, – never heard a word from ’em. And on that same note, Metallica needed a bass player. And I said, “Oh my God, would I love to be in Metallica.” So I put the word out everywhere: I wanted to get an audition to get in Metallica. Never heard from them either.

And that wasn’t the only killer story the Hulkster told on O&A. He also recalled Sylvester Stallone doing all of his own stunts in Rocky III – including picking up Hulk, who was approximately twice his weight, and throwing him out of a boxing ring.

For your enjoyment, here’s that Rocky-Thunderlips scene (with Hulk’s music playing in the background):

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