Smerconish explains why he canceled an anti-vaccine guest

In the month of January, 102 people in the U.S. were reported to have measles, according to the CDC. This comes 15 years after measles was considered eliminated from the country. Most of this year’s cases are traced back to an outbreak in Disneyland that began in December.

Measles is very contagious and would likely continue to spread if we experience a significant impact to herd immunity, as some American parents — often wealthy and found in similar communities throughout the country — choose not to vaccinate their children.

The anti-vaccine movement stems largely from a 1998 paper published in The Lancet that claimed a relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. That paper was later retracted and its author, Andrew Wakefield, was stripped of his medical license.

Politicians, from Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton, weighed in on the issue recently.

Michael Smerconish planned to talk with an anti-vaccine activist on his SiriusXM POTUS show today. But after learning more about the issue, Smerconish canceled the guest.

“I’m interested in this person’s perspective, but I don’t feel equipped to ask the probing questions that can illuminate the facts on this. I’m going with the body of science that I’ve been reading about … what’s the media’s responsibility in this regard?”

Hear Smerconish explain his decision:

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