Brooklyn-based indie-pop duo Sleigh Bells’ third studio album, Bitter Rivals, isn’t dropping until October 8, but singer Alexis Krauss wanted to make sure SiriusXM listeners heard the title track first, so she came in for a late-night premiere party with SiriusXM U‘s very own Jenny Eliscu.

“We went back and forth on a couple record titles,then after we recorded Bitter Rivals it was this whole turning point in the process and we just fell in love with the song,” Krauss said. “So when it came down to finalizing a title, it just seemed like the only possible option.”

While most bands take time off between albums and touring, it’s hard not to notice how quickly this record is coming on the heels of the band’s last, which was released in February 2012.

“Making music is what we do. And even though we love touring a record, after awhile in order to keep things fresh, in order to keep ourselves motivated, we start writing and recording new music. For us it’s never about stagnating and taking a break and going on vacation. It’s about moving forward. So we started working on Bitter Rivals mid-way through our touring cycle for Reign of Terror.”

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