In this week’s Devil’s Dozen countdown, Slayer’s Implode stands strong, claiming the top spot for the second week in a row. Meanwhile, Kyng continues to fall down the charts, landing outside of the top three at number four. Filling out the next few slots are Killer be Killed with Face Down at number two and Down’s We Knew Him Well at number three.

Check out the entire Liquid Metal countdown below.

12. Emmure – “Nemesis”
11. Throwdown – “Born And Buried Alone”
10. Arch Enemy – “War Eternal”
09. Crowbar – “Walk w/ Knowledge Wisely”
08. Hellyeah – “Cross To Bier (Cradle Of Bones)”
07. Exmortus – “Foe Hammer”
06. Suicide Silence – “Cease To Exist”
05. Whitechapel – “The Saw Is The Law”
04. Kyng – “Burn The Serum”
03. Down – “We Knew Him Well”
02. Killer Be Killed – “Face Down”
01. Slayer – “Implode”

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