“People are socially tolerant and fiscally conservative.”

How they’ll be able to tolerate New Jersey governor Chris Christie is still questionable. Especially as the plot thickens in the bridge scandal. Now Christie is under investigation for possibly misusing Hurricane Sandy relief funds. To analyze the whole Christie scandal that has been taking national headlines by storm, SiriusXM Progress’ Ari Rabin-Havt breaks the situation down for you, as well as the “alternative scenarios” floating around.

Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie stopped by the Wilkow Majority this Thursday morning. While on the SiriusXM Patriot show, the libertarian editor in chief, being a native of New Jersey, shared his thoughts on the current Christie situation. Gillespie isn’t a fan of the seemingly controversial New Jersey governor. He believes that Christie has not done his part in lowering the sky-high taxes of the Northeast state and hasn’t buckled the spendthrift budget down.

“He has not delivered the goods, he has not restrained the size, scope and spending of government and that’s the issue,” Gillespie said. “There are things where government should not be involved and we’re cutting those, we’re getting rid of those. That’s what the future is crying out for and I don’t think Chris Christie even thinks that way, much less delivers.”

One of the focal points of this entire scandal was the death of a 91-year-old woman who possibly died because emergency response teams could not reach her in time due to the traffic backup on the bridge. Mike Church believes this story has no merit whatsoever, pointing out that the woman’s own daughter said her passing was due to natural causes.

“You won’t hear it in this country because none of us are supposed to die for any reason, ” Church said. “So you’re not going to hear something like this very often, that’s why you should savor it: Vilma Oleri, whose mother, Florence Genova died…told the New York Times, ‘I honestly believe it was just her time.”

So what should the N.J. governor do? Well-known political analyst James Carville stopped by the Michael Smerconish Program with just the solution. He thinks Christie should take a hint from Pope Francis and do something “symbolic” to win back the people’s trust and prove that he is a “humble” guy.

“I think he ought to work the tollbooth for a day,” Carville said. “That’s symbolism… it might be a stunt, but it’s damn good symbolism… sometimes when you’re in high public office people like for you to acknowledge a little humility.”

Looking at another side to the story, CNBC’s Jim Cramer also visited the Michael Smerconish Program. To Cramer, Christie is “innocent until proven guilty.” Cramer actually met the N.J. governor during a “white-collar” case of internal-company fraud while Christie was the United States Attorney for New Jersey and has been a fan ever since. He believes that those who worked under Christie “played a dirty trick on the governor,” and we just have to wait and see the end result.

“He’s been a remarkable governor for a lot of people and I don’t want to jump to conclusions that this should trump what he did for Sandy and for my friends who have lost everything,” Crammer said. “He has done a lot to make our state great again.”

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