As the approximately two-month long current Israel/Gaza conflict continues, SiriusXM hosts were joined by various guests to discuss their viewpoints on the situation.

Foreign policy expert for Newsweek and award-winning Italian/Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal joined SiriusXM POTUS Politics‘ Michael Smerconish on The Michael Smerconish Program to talk about being let go by MSNBC after she called out the mainstream media for being pro-Israel in it’s coverage and representations of the Israel/Gaza conflict.

“I told [MSNBC], look, ‘I think if we’re not able to do this now, in this moment where thousands of people are being injured and killed, then when?,’ and ‘If it’s not you guys, liberals, who criticize the rest of the media and Fox and others – we have Joe Scarborough in the morning saying whatever he wanted – then who?’ Some of them privately agreed and I was re-invited back, but it was a farewell. I was invited back to be called on ‘How dare I?'”

Jebreal also spoke with SiriusXM Indie‘s Pete Dominick on StandUp! with Pete Dominick to further explain her viewpoint.

“I am pro-Israeli, I can’t be pro-Palestinian only. My  husband is Jewish, my sister is Jewish. I am pro-Israel, but it doesn’t mean I agree with the government. You are pro-American,  it doesn’t mean you agreed with George W. Bush, you maybe didn’t agree with Reagan, you maybe didn’t agree with Clinton. It doesn’t make you pro one side, it makes you an American.”

Rabbi Wechsler, of SiriusXM Stars‘ Rabbi Wechsler Teaches, was joined by Commentary magazine‘s Norman Podhoretz, who discussed the changing nature of America’s role in the ongoing middle-eastern crisis.

“It’s true that occasionally Obama makes a half-hearted gesture. He did this in Libya and he’s now, this very day, authorizing airstrikes against the Islamic State. But, they’re half-hearted and generally ineffectual and they’re done, I believe, more for show than for effect. Obama, in my opinion, sincerely believes that everyone is better off, both the United States and the rest of the world, if our power and influence are diminished. I think he even feels that the sort of collateral damage caused by our withdrawal is a price worth paying for the withdrawal itself. I suspect he thinks he’s being noble in allowing his reputation to suffer in order to pursue what he no doubt considers a worthy and ethical cause.”

Wechsler also spoke with Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations about his opinions regarding the Israel/Gaza conflict.

“I think people, every American should understand, and the polls show that they largely do, that what Israel is doing is exactly what Americans have supported for so long. That is the right for freedom, for people to have the right to live decent lives. Israel would like nothing more than to be able to live together with the Palestinians in peace. Every poll shows it, they’re ready today to make concessions, although they support this war because it’s a war that has taken a heavy toll.”

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